Василий Мирошниченко о Навигационном тренинге в Северо-западной Франции (Северной Бретани)

Скан Отзыва

Василий Мирошниченко (Одесса, Действующий главный механик торгового флота) о Навигационном тренинге в Северо-западной Франции (Северной Бретани):

Очень полезный, превзошел мои ожидания, безусловно рекомендую!

Sailing in France was a bewitching blend of holiday at the sea. It was good idea for us (six brave guys and one fearless lady) to leave from Odessa to rest and then visit the nice coastal places of Brittany. On the French coast you can combine everything and relax for seven days. The beauty of sailing that occurred during travel triggered deep mental reboot, and there was a possibility to get a boost of energy, which is enough for several months of intensive life and new sailing skills acquisition. Our travel cannot be called pure sea relax. There are guys who prefers to rest on a yacht in this format: they hire a professional skipper, who runs completely with the boat and sails, and they never come into ports and look at the shore only from the water. But it is not about us and our commander . Commander means our skipper during navigation, river passages, mooring operations, bunkerings fully involved all our crew in all aspects For us it is more interesting to visit port towns, exploring their history, architecture and local cuisine, of course!

Thanks everybody who was staying all that time on board of our 44 feet beauty and personal thanks to our skipper Alexander.
Have a nice sailing!


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